Collection: Bakery Lorraine x Lunchroom Anxiety Totes

Bakery Lorraine x Lunchroom Anxiety x Richter Goods

An Exclusive Limited-Edition Collaboration


Established in 2016 by Bronte Treat, Lunchroom Anxiety is a chainstitch design company

based in San Antonio, Texas. Each embellishment is handmade using a hundred-year-old restored chainstitch embroidery machine.


“We create embellishments that are conversation starters and encourage connection.”

At Richter Goods, Mario Guajardo grew up wearing pressed Western shirts and cowboy boots in Mexico City. His father, whose ancestors were Native Texans, made it a proud staple of his children’s wardrobe. Guajardo established Richter Goods in 2011 in San Antonio, Texas with the intent of producing garments from premium fabrics made in the USA.